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Parts processing precision of the method

by:Xavier      2020-05-04
Methods for machining precision parts processing precision is parts processing after the son of parameters, with the geometric parameters of the original drawings of the ideal difference is smaller, it conforms to the degree is higher, the higher the precision. In machining practice, influenced by various factors, there are many differences between parts processing and the ideal geometrical parameters, the deviation, is the processing error. Within a reasonable range and butyl error is not beyond the tolerance of parts design requirements, as long as within the scope of the machining center, ensure the machining accuracy of parts could be carried out. Machining precision and machining error can be parts geometry parameter evaluation. The size of the machining error can affect the machining accuracy of high and low, through the effective control of the machining accuracy, can achieve the reduction of machining error, so as to meet the requirements of actual work. In the process of work, the machining center are many factors to the machining precision of parts. Even if using the same kind of machining method, under different working conditions, its accuracy is also different. If we one-sided pursuit of parts machining precision, can lead to lower production efficiency, resulting in the increase of the engineering cost, in order to meet the requirements of practical work, we have to add. Quality to strengthen the system application, to ensure effective improve work efficiency, to achieve the effective control of production cost. In the process of work, and butyl 1 specific divided into shape precision accuracy, position accuracy and dimensional accuracy, the machining accuracy of height change, need to shape tolerance and location tolerance to determine. Through the application of trial cut method, can carry on the processing of the surface of the cut, non-metallic machining through to try to cut the size of the measurement, can satisfy the requirement of the machining precision of parts. Which requires the use of proper tools, ready to try different number of cutting and measuring I:. Like in the shaft neck size trial cut during the turning processing, the method is used in the test method. Trial cut method, that is, try to cut out a small part machining surface, measuring try to cut the size, in accordance with the requirements for processing the appropriate tool cutting edge relative to the workpiece position, try cutting and measured again, so after two or three times to try cutting and measuring, when the dimensions meet the requirements, and cutting the processing surface. Nonmetal shaft neck size on machined parts, for example, try to cut the turning processing, the size of the journal of on-line measuring hole grinding, the box body parts in the department of boring machining and precision of the gauge block manual lapping, try cutting processing. Try cutting method have good precision work, the work mode does not need to be too complicated device use, but this kind of device requires the development of the various working procedures, the need to do a good job of measuring plate and calculating the related, the technical level of workers and appliance of accuracy is higher, its quality is stable, more suitable for piece work of small batch production. In the process of adjustment method of the application, it requires the use of samples and standard parts, fixture, machine tool, workpiece is adjustment, so as to realize the workpiece dimensional accuracy improvement. In the process of parts processing, its parts size remains the same, this is the specific meaning of control. In practice, the hexagonal shaft parts processing, automatic lathe seven holes is centerless grinding machine grinding all belong to the category of adjustment method processing. Cheng positions on the essence of the adjustment method of machine tool is the use of, USES the beforehand good rest, do a good job, cutter location precision of the control of a series of production and processing of workpiece. In the process of mass production, need to do a good job of adjusting tool device. Compared to try cutting method, adjustment method have good stability of machining accuracy, it has high productivity, low to the requirement of machine tool operators, but this method is high to the requirement of machine tool adjuster, more suitable for batch production. In the process of application of fixed size, its needs corresponding sizes of the tool workpiece by the determination of machining parts size, the need to be related to the standard size of tool for processing, the processing dimension is affected by the tool size. Need to ensure accuracy of cutting tools have a certain size, which was carried out, and by the determination of precision machining parts, such as square broach the square hole method, the boring cutter machining inner hole method, etc. , are all categories of size tool normal processing. ​
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