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Parts processing machine tools has become China's machine tool products strengths

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
Past our precision machining production enterprises in technology is backward and relative foreign general lack of independent innovation ability and the key and core technology support, the mechanical processing the main products for the production of low-end products, is lack of competitiveness in the world, in the precision machining machine tool on the stability of quality, reliability and durability obvious gap compared with advanced foreign products. The demand for high-end products such as precision machining machine tool is due to the lack of domestic products mainly rely on import. Knight company is a good example, because of the domestic in all aspects of the nc machine tool is not mature, think twice about company chose Japanese imports of machine tools, it is necessity, such practices, for their own good, is also good for the customer. But these days, and then use this sentence to describe the scene already precision machining machine tool industry is no longer the original, because the incredible big changes have taken place in the industry, our domestic machine tool has been successfully received the recognition of the world. Actually here, I have to mention one thing, is the CCTV 2012 China economic annual figure awards ceremony, because our company is engaged in this line, so I also proposed the key looked at one of the winners, GuanXiYou is shenyang machine tool group chairman, general manager. Why mention him, in fact, he explained our country the development of the company is just a development process of precision mechanical processing machine tool. As early as 2002 at the time when GuanXiYou took the shenyang machine tool company, the China is one of the oldest machine tools that ranking is only 36 of the world, the core technology is totally dependent on foreign countries. After he took office first thing is to go to Chicago to attend the fair, at that time, after he went to seek along while didn't find your booth, and finally in the basement, found that he was in the mind very not taste, he made up his mind to come next time, be sure to make grades to show him a foreigner. Then he formed his machine research and development center through the difficulties, among this, of course, there are many difficulties, but actually, he later succeeded, Gardner company on February 27, 2012, in the United States, according to data released in shenyang machine tool group 27 machine tool sales revenue in 2011. 8. 3 billion dollars ( RMB 18 billion) First, the machine tool industry in the world. Estimated when you see these, is happy for them? Yes, we should be proud of China have such enterprises, to see a little more, China precision machining machine tool strengths, has become China's machine tool products in the world has already exhibited their abilities. China machine tool industry association told reporters, from the point of past China international machine tool exhibition, home-made precision machining machine domestic market to meet the rate is very high, but some high-grade CNC gear machine tools also relies on import. But in recent years, great changes have taken place in high precision machining of CNC machine tool imports have fallen, domestic machine tool has been slowly up to the international standard, and go beyond the trend of machine tools abroad, and domestic machine tool cost relatively cheap, is relatively convenient maintenance and service. Advantage is considerable. In recent years at home whether conventional cars, ships, aerospace, military industry and other industries, is emerging in recent years, high-speed rail, rail, electronics and other industries, with the rapid development of the machine tool industry puts forward the urgent demand. It puts forward new requirements for precision machining machine tool manufacturers, some companies have now shall from time to time, actively adjust the industrial structure, expanding the product application field, the hot industries with high speed, high stability, high precision of the machine tool product, meet the industry needs. Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 94
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