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Parts processing, and aluminum parts processing, precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-04
Choice of aluminum alloy precision parts processing nc turning tools CNC lathe is mainly used in shaft, disc set of processing of axially symmetrical parts, can be a good program in advance, automatically inside and outside the cylinder, cone, circular arc and thread machining, machining efficiency and precision, to a simple cylindrical shape precision metal processing parts, don't need the aid of grinding machine, can be a forming, greatly improve the machining efficiency. Can automatic tool change, make can accomplish more in a clamping processing working procedure, grooving, expansion, dumplings, etc, improves the precision metal processing quality and production efficiency, so the suitable shape of axisymmetrical parts processing. Aluminum alloy precision parts processing are widely used in machining industry, due to the particularity of the material, machining cutting tool material selection should note that chooses the class YG carbide of fine grain commonly, polycrystalline diamond, also known as diamond and natural diamond sintered body and so on, these are suitable for cutting aluminum alloy cutting tool material, can guarantee the knives sharp edge and wear-resisting. From aluminum alloy cutting machining, turning, milling, drilling in what kind of cutting type, are required to tool wear, cutting edge sharp, with anterior horn Angle after the big, big, big main Angle, deputy small Angle, Angle of the blade Angle is positive and design features such as blade surface is bright and clean. Anterior horn: under the condition of keep the blade strength, choose a big rake Angle, on the one hand may grind the sharp edge, on the other hand can reduce the cutting deformation after precision machinery parts processing, smooth of chip removal, in turn, reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature, avoid by all means use negative rake Angle cutter. Angle: after Angle size on blade surface after wear and has direct influence to the machining surface quality, cutting thickness is one of the important conditions, choose Angle after rough, because of the large feed, cutting load heavy, calorific value is big, good requirements tool cooling conditions, the Angle should be chosen. Lord Angle: reduced the slant Angle can improve the heat dissipation, precision metal processing zone average temperature drop. In addition, the need to pay attention to when machining should fully consider various physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy material, with the small cutting force in machining, and control the temperature to the impact of size measurement in the processing, especially in a higher dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements to needs several times with fine car. The above information is derived from the shenzhen CNC precision machining manufacturer Xavier company. More products details please please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase link https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com
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