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Parts of high precision is the key point in medical apparatus and instruments

by:Xavier      2020-09-26
China's medical equipment industry has made great achievements, but as things stand of the potential for development. Facing a low-end products lack of stability and superior products uncompetitive. Using high precision manufacturing technology will bring new opportunities for the medical device industry development and change. Processing of measuring equipment for medical devices industry and machining efficiency is relatively high, from the medical instrument the artifact itself, the implant high technical requirements, high precision, high repeat positioning accuracy, high stability, cannot have any deviation. Application in the medical field, spinal repair materials and implanted devices, individualized implants, long-short individualized titanium alloy implants, artificial joints and cartilage repair materials is the key to the development of medical industry products, and precision machining technology and embedded devices is one of the key technologies for the development of design system. Ultra-high precision of the key parts in medical apparatus and instruments, has not only the product application case, the block also has a wealth of high-tech product lines, can provide from the seat, connector, refrigeration, heating plate, base, strut bar, bone screws, bone plate, joint medical equipment such as precision parts of the industry solutions, to provide from the drawings to the parts processing, measuring the full range of solutions. Ultra-high precision medical equipment parts used for high precision in medical industry has brought. , 17 years focused on medical equipment precision machining and manufacturing of the parts and components, together with many of the world's medical equipment manufacturers to provide and solves the problem of numerous medical apparatus and instruments.
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