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Parts machining process route

by:Xavier      2020-06-30

operator in the mechanical processing is carried out in accordance with the operating rules of mechanical processing, so in the machining process of parts, how to correctly operate? Below shall be formulated by our to introduce the components of the machining process route.

1, first of all, according to the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the surface to choose the appropriate processing methods.

2, according to the thickness of the benchmark for reasonably choosing positioning base of each process.

3, on the basis of the analysis of the parts, to define the thickness processing, and determine the concentration of each process should be reasonable arrangement of the surface after machining sequence, thus the parts machining process is obtained.

4, determine the process of machining allowance and dimension and its tolerance of each process.

5, on the premise of considering economy and ensure the quality of, choose the appropriate machine tools and worker, clamp, amount and cutting tool.

6, determine the major Orient technical requirements and testing methods.

7, in order to guarantee the rationality of the production and the rhythm of the balance, to choose the suitable cutting quantity and time quota, and may not arbitrarily change.

8, the operator fill process documentation as required.

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