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Parts machining process on the influence factors of the machining accuracy

by:Xavier      2020-05-04
Parts machining process of the influence factors of machining precision machining process is according to the drawings of parts processing process, the processing technology, is more than one aluminum precision machining for a god parts, will appear a variety of processing technology, which requires processors after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each god processing technology integrated choose a suitable processing technology and reasonable processing technology can improve roughness of parts, precision and service life, is also the key of improve qualification rate of machining parts. The machining accuracy is not only reflect the parts also reflect the geometry precision parts form error. For tool installation and the fixture frame coffret also have higher requirements after the parts processing compared with drawings, if there is an error, reflect the machining accuracy is precise, for tolerance, tolerance value is inversely proportional to the machining accuracy, the greater the tolerance machining accuracy of the smaller, the smaller the tolerance machining accuracy is higher in the actual machining process is very difficult to guarantee size and drawing size is consistent, but aluminum precision machining as long as the processing of the actual size within the range of allowable error, it thinks that the qualified size, to ensure that components of the performance parameters of the further practical application in my mouth. Machining won't rise from the machine tool equipment, freely for raw material processing is controlled by machine, as the long time of the processing of raw materials will be to change the performance of the machine tool, thus further influence the machining accuracy of machine tools. First machine tool guideway orientation error, and main parts to machine tool guideway orientation error error sensitive direction, caused by machining parts surface straightness and plane degree and then the spindle rotation error, error of machine tool spindle has offset the original main shaft centerline, in the process of rotation and alignment on the cylindrical surface of the processed parts and the roundness error. Hardware precision machinery processing and finally the transmission chain error of machine tool, the machine will happen in the passed parts of a coffret change, thus forming parts displacement error of processed parts on the surface of the hole, machine and some auxiliary structure also cause a coffret degree of error. Machining process is the main processing parts bad, must carry on the strict requirements for equipment, real-time control of equipment running status, strictly control the machining process of some variables, serious and responsible to check the size of the parts eligibility, this paper summarizes factors to appear, the system analysis to find the error reason, reduce the error from the source to improve the machining accuracy, hardware and precision mechanical processing and the factors that affect the machining accuracy of internal machining equipment is affected by the temperature is very serious, in many large machining equipment supporting auxiliary cooling pack coffret of using high temperature processing.
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