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Panel CNC machining, precision measuring tool maintenance and maintenance knowledge

by:Xavier      2020-07-06

for precision measuring tool, sure who is familiar with the panel CNC machining of precision measuring tool do not feel strange. Because in the panel CNC machining, precision measuring effect is very obvious. So, today to introduce for you with our small precision measuring tool maintenance and maintenance knowledge.

1, the measurement on the machine tool parts, spare parts such as to completely stopped after, otherwise not only make the measuring precision of measurement of surface premature wear and lose, and can form. Especially Turner use a wild card, don't think the calipers briefly, wear a little doesn't matter, attention should be paid to the casting porosity and shrinkage cavity are common in, once the clamp feet into the air hole, can pull the operator's hand in, into serious trouble.

2, measurement should be put before the measuring tool measuring surface and parts is measured to wipe clean appearance, avoid the presence of dirt and affect measurement accuracy. Using precision measuring tools such as vernier caliper, dial gauge and dial indicator, etc. , to measure malleable cast a blank, or with abrasives ( Such as silicon carbide, etc. ) Appearance is a fault, so easy to make the measurement of surface wear quickly and lose accuracy.

3, and measuring tool in the process of use, do not and things, cutting tool, such as file, hammer, tool and drill top piled up together, avoid bruising measuring tool. Don't literally on the machine tool, free drop measuring tool damage resulting from machine tool oscillation. Especially the vernier caliper, etc. , should be flat on a dedicated box, make feet body deformation.

4, measuring tool was measured things, certainly not as a substitute for something else. For example and vernier caliper, and dial gauge when the hammer, with steel ruler as rotary screw driver, and with a steel ruler clear chip is fault. Toys, such as the measuring tool when take in the hands of the dial gauge and arbitrary wave also fault or rocking-turn etc, are easy to make the measuring precision of the lost.

5, temperature had a great influence on measurement results, parts of fine measurement is bound to make parts and measuring tool for measurement in the case of 20 ℃. Usually can be measurement at room temperature, but it is necessary to make the temperature of the workpiece and the measuring tool is consistent, otherwise, due to the characteristics of metal materials heat bilges cold shrink, the measurement result is not accurate. The influence of temperature on the measuring accuracy is also very big, measuring tool should not be in the sun or on headstock, because after measuring the temperature increase, also is the accurate scale. Don't put more precision measuring tool in the heat source ( Such as electric furnace, heat exchangers, etc. ) Nearby, keep losing precision measuring tool thermal deformation.

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