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Open computer gongs processing strategy _ precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
Open computer gongs processing strategy to introduce here, we are shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , the industry said Xavier precision processing factory, our factory is a professional engaged in precision parts processing factory, the factory currently 25 sets of CNC machining center, quality department, operating machine technology, drawing, quotation engineer. Above is to open a computer gongs processing factory is the most basic configuration, in fact, the main or technical personnel, our factory is the size of the computer gongs processing workshops in half night a total of 50 people, in order to ensure the normal operation of machine tool and complete the order. The first step is that you need to rent the factory and the registered business license, pay attention to the said here on the fire, the attention, have to be. The second part is for machinery and equipment, if it's the first time business, suggest or buy second-hand machinery and equipment, or to go to the factory to buy their ready to replace, so for the first time to do heavy assets also calculate can lower the risk of some factory. The third is the trademark of personnel, hire a canteen cook, because the factory factory will generally choose in the suburbs of a little far away from the city proper, plant rental costs, that may ease some. Fourth, if you have enthusiasm and vigor to light industry connections is not much, suggest you first priority is to recruit, said here, not sales or business, but SEO, do site keyword optimization ranking means, so that the company's web site keywords in the search engine is the front of the ranking of customers after the consultation and resources for the development of new customers. Fifth, need in gradually, based on the company orders the technician to recruit enough, the meaning of this recruit enough to basically see your factory scale, a machine basic is to meet the 2 technicians, can be divided into white night. Sixth, technicians hiring enough, the next step is to as soon as possible the recruitment of financial accounting, employees' social security and salary still need someone to care, in order to clear accounts, suggestion of charge to an account to the taxation of charge to an account company, ask for a financial and accounting affairs in detail finishing archive is clear, the factory if you have spare time, the wife of shop-owner can do the company's cashier or you also can do the cashier. Open computer road processing factory is belong to heavy assets, and line and to cherish, if you are confident, capable and powerful, so a processing factory, the above is the shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Business manager of a factory a little experience and memory carding process of entrepreneurial drive factory, easier business whilst. Open in this wish you are successful, well, if you want to want to open a factory communication process and make friends, can be on the right side of the web add WeChat business manager. This is Xavier precision processing factory we open a factory in some comb and open computer gongs processing factory of strategy, the hope can help you!
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