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One pace reachs the designated position, make you understand precision machinery parts processing route

by:Xavier      2020-07-01

before we talk to you about the relative knowledge of precision parts, so today we are going to know how to make parts machining process route, by our below to introduce precision machinery parts processing craft route:

1, determine the surface processing methods. In understand the characteristics of the various processing methods and mastering its machining accuracy and surface roughness, on the basis of economic choice to ensure machining quality, productivity and economic method.

2, select locating datum. According to the coarse and fine benchmark selection principle of reasonable positioning of each process selected benchmark.

3, formulating process route. , on the basis of the analysis of parts, divided into parts coarse, semi finished, finishing stage, the concentration and dispersion degree, and determined the process on the surface of the reasonable arrangement of the processing order, thus developed parts machining process route. For more complex parts, we can consider a few plan, after analysis and comparison, and then select a reasonable processing scheme.

4, determine the machining allowance of each process and process dimension and its tolerance.

5, select machine tools and worker, clamp, quantity and cutters. Mechanical equipment should be selected to ensure that the processing quality, and to the economic and reasonable. Under the condition of batch production, the general should be universal machine tools and special tooling.

6, to determine the main process of technical requirements and test methods.

7, cutting dosage and time quota of each process is determined. Sheet small batch production, cutting dosage is much by the operator to decide on their own, in the machining process card in general do not make that clear. In the batch, especially in the mass production, in order to ensure the rationality of the production and the rhythm of equilibrium, cutting dosage, the requirements that must be and do not get optional change.

8, fill out the process documents.

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