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On February 12, Xavier metal casting overall return to work!

by:Xavier      2020-04-12
In 2019, a network catchword sadly arisen, & other; The best way to eliminate fear is to face fear & throughout; Type, combined with the other stuff & other; Ollie give! ” Exaggerated facial expressions as well as the original, give people unlimited joy. Who wanted to 2020 at the start of the New Year, new coronavirus magical start, it is beyond the imagination of most person. Followed by the closure of schools, enterprises shut down, many people in the life the first lottery isn't for the license plate number, but to the mask. Past empty city as if to confirm this spring have phobias. Garcia & middot; Gabriel Garcia marquez in 'cholera in the period of love,' wrote & ndash; — “ Where there is fear, there is love & throughout; Isolated from, we isolated the virus, but never love. Xavier metal casting is one of the supply chain is very small, but it is also important: we produce custom-made stainless steel castings, is indispensable to industrial equipment and consumer hardware product innovation parts! Under strict control, Xavier people first combed the raw material supply chain, cleared all the jobs in place. In line with the responsible attitude to the customer, after the government departments to start and has been confirmed by examination, on February 12, Xavier metal casting < overall return to work! Employee health and safety, we have been supervised by presenting, no compromise! 1. In advance to prepare enough disinfection liquid medicine and masks, protective material 2. Don't wear masks are not allowed to enter the factory 3. Temperature in 37. 3° 4 C and above are not allowed to enter the work areas. The factory 5 spraying disinfection liquid medicine two times a day. Dining room dinning, one table 6. Establishing database of staff travel, given the risk points, protect health of all employees < br /> < br /> < br /> after resume work guide ( Cr China CDC) Unity is strength, in the same boat, Xavier has overcome difficulties together with you, and I sincerely wish you and your family health, peace smoothly! Wuhan come on! China refuels!
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