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Nylon material characteristics and solution precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
Nylon material characteristics and solution precision machinery parts processing of nylon materials is also a kind of commonly used materials in the precision machining, is often used to machining of small precision fixture, because of nylon material hardness, toughness and processing properties, in precision parts processing plays an irreplaceable role, Xavier company is processing a lot of this kind of material precision fixture, meet with thin nylon processing parts, will be easy to deformation, precision is difficult to control. Comprehensive Xavier15 years experience of precision machinery parts processing, in this section, we will from the influence of nylon material thin-walled parts processing precision of the two factors, the need to be paid attention to illustrate the process. The first is the clamping. In nylon material thin-walled precision machinery processing, should be taken to vigorously clamping pretreating, mild clamping finishing processing order, to ensure that the clamping force does not affect the size of the precision parts machining accuracy. The nylon material and metal material properties, its density is small, the characteristics of easy deformation and easy processing. Then in the clamping process, will be easier to make precision parts due to the clamping deformation, processing and elastic recovery, after the completion of the size and shape changes, and clamping force, the greater the processing after the completion of the deformation. Usually in the workpiece clamping, clamping force can make the workpiece deformation, unloading, after the workpiece elastic deformation automatic recovery, freedom under the condition of no workpiece size and dimension is not the same. If the clamping force is too large, for a long period of time after the clamping can make the shape deformation precision machinery parts, machining parts clamping part after size also is not consistent. Conversely will lead to the clamping is not tight, vibration in the process of precision parts processing, affect the size precision parts processing quality. The second is cutting tools. The precision machining of nylon material, should avoid tool itself for its excessive extrusion, cutting tool in cutting process to material inside of the movement, the removal of cutting tool on the material side cutting, and directly promote the pressure, if the boost pressure is too big, not only affects the clamping stability of precision machinery parts, will directly cause the deformation of precision parts, lead to the workpiece elastic deformation recovery after the size deviation is too large. Strong rigidity tool relative to the weak stiffness, its flexibility is poor, easier for propulsion, the workpieces cause distortion, so, with relatively weak stiffness alloy machining accuracy is better. Blade sharp degree of precision machining accuracy have great influence, the cutting tool edge is sharp, the smaller the cutting resistance, on the material of the propulsive force is smaller, the smaller the deformation of workpiece, the smaller the springback phenomenon, the better it will be to ensure precision machinery parts processing dimensional accuracy, so the use of alloy knife processing nylon material, the triangle is better than the corners of the knife, knife and surface finishing workpiece, in guarantee under the condition of the surface roughness, adopting the new blade is better than the old blade can guarantee the dimensional accuracy, even will be a blade grinding, make blade acute Angle smaller. Above information from Xaviercnc mechanical processing plants, more information please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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