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Numerical control lathe machining process and principle of the division of work step

by:Xavier      2020-07-05

CNC lathe machining process and what is the principle of the division of work step, by below to introduce the nc lathe machining process and principle of the division of work step:

a, the principle of the division of process

1, divided in parts clamping positioning way process

according to the technical requirements of each parts and structure differences, can be divided into different processes according to the positioning way. Process of general parts shape are mainly located within, locate in appearance, of course, can according to the machining requirements of parts.

2, according to the machining accuracy of machining process

in the numerical control processing according to the machining accuracy can be divided into rough machining and finish machining, namely to rough machining, finish machining. According to different machine tools and cutting tools for processing.

the second step, the labor division principle

1, the same surface according to the roughing and semi-finishing and finishing in the order completed.

2, in order to improve the machining accuracy of boring, to be processed in accordance with the order of the boring after milling plane first principles.

3, by using the order of the cutting tool to divide work step, thus reducing the number of tool change, thus improve the machining efficiency.

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