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Numerical control lathe coordinate system

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
Nc lathe coordinate system of the machine tool coordinate system in CNC machine tools, small machinery plant origin of the machine tool as the origin of rectangular coordinate system X, Y axis, referred to as the machine tool coordinate system. Origin for the machine tool at the top of the machine assembly and debugging stage has been to, is the basis of the nc machine tools for processing motion reference points, to facilitate users of the machine tool operation, machine tool reference points and the location of the mechanical origin relationship is fixed, general props in the movement of the X, Z is the biggest limit position. When machine electricity to work, first must have the machine back to zero operation, mechanical processing wire walking props movement to machine tool reference point, the position generally determined by the mechanical stop, some system can be set by reference. Can accurately through the machine back to zero, the establishment of the machine tool coordinate system. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool coordinate system, in front of the factory, installation debugging personnel is to determine the location of the machine tool reference points and mechanical origin, does not allow users to change at will. Coor dinate small mechanical processing plants in order to measure the workpiece coordinate system origin and machine tools on the reference point of the distance between the cutting tool reference point, you need to set up the workpiece coordinate system, and the machine tool coordinate system, the first thing to determine the reference origin, general selection and programming origin, set up the workpiece coordinate system is set up the workpiece coordinate origin and the distance between the machine tool coordinate system origin relation, sometimes to programming and calculation is convenient, we can put the workpiece coordinate system origin set up in the left end face of the workpiece or the right end face, if we consider the problem such as knives and safe return, you can set the zero point in the program on the workpiece, the rotary center of the right end, so, in the program as long as Z> 0, can guarantee the point outside of the workpiece, can ensure the safety of cutter exit; Theoretically, set the origin of the programming in any location is appropriate, but in practice, for the sake of convenient operation, reduce the error between the process and design standard, the workpiece origin choose as far as possible on the design datum. Machine tool coordinate system and the relationship between the workpiece coordinate system of machine tool is the only benchmark for machine tool, we only need to determine the change of the workpiece coordinate system according to the programming procedure in the unique position in the machine coordinate system origin, obtain benchmark cutter program starting point of the mechanical coordinates and determine the benchmark of knife bias can smooth processing, this is usually done in the next in the process of the knife.
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