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Nonmetallic precision machinery parts processing process matters needing attention

by:Xavier      2020-05-03
Nonmetallic precision machinery parts processing technology for note nonmetallic precision parts USES more and more widely, due to the inherent of non-metallic parts material cutting processing performance and parts structure size, formed this kind of parts processing features: cutting force is small, the linear expansion system, cutting deformation, size small, thin wall, the clamping difficulties; Low heat conduction system, in the precision machining on chip away less heat, attached to the workpiece and tool most of the heat, heat deformation is big, after precision machining dimension stability is poor; Accompanied by has air bubbles and timeliness crack the aging problem, the selection and positioning reference is not the only, the clamping difficulties, etc. Seriously affected the quality of precision machinery parts processing, also led to the design process due to a lack of uniqueness and varies the designer, so the process design must be optimized. Design process is needed to process the surface of precision machinery parts processing each order to make reasonable arrangements, this is the main content of technique regulations formulated. According to field investigation and statistics, found that this kind of parts in process design and processing problems, investigate its reason, mainly due to ignore the process optimization. In the process design and precision machining, there are some problems. Parts such as the designer of the surface characteristics of the lack of deep analysis, ignoring the parts due to the difference of material, the accuracy and the differences of local structure, leads to great changes in the precision machining process, usually to past precision machinery parts processing technology and general principle, no special circumstances special treatment; Procedure formulation is still based on experience, on the basis of its scientific nature, advancement and rationality is not enough; Cutting parameter selection is not standard; Precision machinery parts processing process sequence optimization; Some workers actual operation technical level and their level of archives; Operators are not fixed. A parts process procedure contains the quantity, material consumption, mechanical processing, the amount of labor productivity, production cost and setting process are directly related to blank choice. And the importance of the choice of blank and easy to process designers often neglected. Blank selection should consider the production type, the components of the structure size and shape of parts, materials and precision machining performance and the production capacity of this unit to the influence of such factors as optimization. Not only in the process of drawing up a detailed analysis to the technological characteristics of components, on the surface of the precision machining of various processing chain of a large number of calculations, for all kinds of machine tool processing and achieved economic precision and roughness of proper collocation, should also be optimized to choose the appropriate modification, in order to effectively stabilize dimension precision machining parts, can choose the method of curing aging temperature treatment. The above information is derived from Xavier precision metal processing factory, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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