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Nonmetallic precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-03
Nonmetallic precision machinery parts processing matters needing attention in the precision machinery processing enterprises, processing of materials is not only we have stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials, can also process some non-metallic materials, such as nylon, POM, The steel) , bakelite, acrylic, etc. Xavier is committed to precision machinery parts machining and precision clamping fixture for 15 years, metallic and non-metallic materials processing, for some automation equipment, auto parts industry, electronic industry and other enterprises to solve a lot of questions. Metal material are familiar of precision machinery parts processing, non-metallic materials may be some strange, in the clamping fixture production, this kind of material is quite useful. Non-metallic materials machinability is different from common metal materials, therefore, have to use different methods of precision machining, including tool, fixture and the selection of cutting fluid and chip removal and so on various aspects of the problem, in addition, the generation and accumulation of cutting heat is a very serious problem, can cause deformation of non-metallic materials, and melting. This heat is passed on to the cutting tool, can damage a cutting edge products, thereby reducing the service life of cutter. In terms of processing performance of materials, non-metallic materials can be divided into three broad categories: those for soft The lower hardness of) Thermoplastics, including nylon, teflon class ( Teflon) , acrylic acid and polystyrene. The second categories for harder thermosetting plastics, such as epoxy resin and phenolic resin. Third category for of wear and tear of material, such as carbon and graphite products, and glass fiber and epoxy resin. Cutting soft larger non-metallic materials need positive rake Angle of cutting tool, for example, nylon and fluoro long materials, precision machinery parts processing, recommend the Angle is less than 45 degrees, cutting edge into a razor blade shape peak mouth, and have a high surface finish of the slot, and the Angle is larger, this helps to prevent deformation of soft material in the cutting edge, not entirely cutting, cutting back again, and after the adhesive on the tool cutting edge. Carbide cutting tools or high speed steel cutter is suitable for glass fiber epoxy resin and graphite products, including wear and tear of nonmetallic precision machinery parts processing, choose ordinary steel and cast iron standard cutting tools; For twist drill and milling cutter, cutter spiral Angle should be less than 30 degrees. Non-metallic materials precision machining, cutting fluid is used as a cooling rather than used as lubrication, phenolic resin, thermosetting plastics, carbon and graphite products, such as materials for water penetration of porous structure, if the cutting taps to infiltrate the material, will damage the precision machinery parts, therefore, when cutting and processing these materials, the available air jet as a coolant to http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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