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Non-standard precision parts processing method _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-21
Before this, people Shared with everyone in precision parts processing standards and the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of professional knowledge, so today's people to shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. We Shared the non-standard precision machinery parts processing method: high precision parts processing method of high precision parts processing for the regulation of precision is high, to do super RunHua machining surface and high machining precision, the nature of cutting tools is prescribed by a high, if the tool case of damage, the processing performance will be reduced. And at the time that the ultra precision cutting, cutting and general standard is not the same, the cutting rate will not be cutting tool specification life limit. Non-standard precision parts processing generally choose the least when the rotation speed ratio, it is according to the characteristics of the ultra-precision machine drive system and cutting characteristics of the decision, because at the time that the rotational speed than the least able to make the surface roughness of the surface at least, to ensure the processing quality. Perhaps the premise condition is to ensure that the quality of the numerical control lathe to promote high cutting speed to ensure high efficiency. Non-standard precision parts processing according to the cutting tool, cutting velocity, cutting depth and feed rate of the main parameters, such as choice, on the basis of working experience in the past people understand, when processing plastic deformation materials, if choose a rake Angle of cutting tool can effectively avoid the devolop tumor, it is cutting tool rake Angle to expand, reduce the cutting force, cutting deformation is small, touch the shorter length of cutting tool and cutting, reduce the devolop lump of basic. Our factory in guangdong province shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is specializing in the production of manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel plate, titanium, aluminum and other metal materials of high precision parts manufacturing for many years of technical existing sink. Our factory main business products include: non-standard small components, stainless steel plate parts, medical equipment accessories, lighting accessories, standard parts, connector, instrument parts, pivot shaft sleeve, fiber optic connectors, lc, sc tail handle handle, precision machinery parts, screw nut, electronic parts, fiber optic communications equipment spare parts, copper, aluminum bolts and other civilian and military use of standardized high-quality goods 200 several species with high degree of cleanliness, for customers to choose. In addition we can according to customer's different regulation, produce make customers satisfactory products. The advantage of non-standard precision parts processing non-standard parts processing center from the developed CNC milling machine. The biggest difference is that a machining center and CNC milling machine has the ability of automatic exchange tool, through the libraries installed on the different USES of the knives, can be in a clamping on the automatic tool change device to change the spindle tool, implement a variety of processing capabilities. Non-standard precision parts processing equipment suitable for large quantity, high precision, processing complex, the arc, such as taper processing, in particular, can do the job. Non-standard parts processing of the advantages of small non-standard parts processing range from bits to three digits, through the simple mode, is the soft mode, or direct processing. Usually need to control the action of machine tool. Precision parts processing factory rules is rules products or parts, precision parts processing process and operation method of process files. Therefore, precision parts processing procedures play an important effect in the mechanical processing.
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