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Non-standard precision parts processing, has the high accuracy requirement

by:Xavier      2020-07-14

we know non-standard precision parts processing to the requirement of accuracy is high, so in the process of precision machining should pay attention to what matters, we want to introduce to you of the following:

here's non-standard precision parts processing precision must be in strict accordance with the additional drawings for processing, machining size in the range of allowable error are qualified parts, so the requirement of processing precision parts is strictly according to the theory of size for processing.

for precision parts processing mainly size requirements, such as the cylinder diameter is how many, have strict requirements, plus or minus error in the range of specified requirements is the qualified part, or are unqualified parts; Three high also have specific strict requirements, plus or minus error also has a regulation, such as an embedded cylinder, if the diameter is too large, more than the range of allowable error, will cause not go in, if the actual diameter is too small, more than the negative value of allowable error threshold, will cause is too loose, inserted in unstable problem.

these are unqualified products, is obsolete or to processing, and this will result in an increase in the cost. Therefore, ensure the accuracy of non-standard precision parts processing is very important.

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