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New type of mechanical technology in mechanical processing the application and development of the industry

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
New mechanical technology in the application and development of machinery industry in the current practice of mechanical processing industry, machining is the most basic, also is the most common content, therefore, cannot fundamentally innovation and overturn the processing way of reality, the effective technical measures must be taken to shorten the machining time and costs, to maximize the efficiency of ascension. At present, high speed and ultra-high speed has been widely recognized as the industry and academia of the important methods for maximum efficiency. Customized test fixture, in other words, the future development of the machining technology, including high speed soft cutting, high speed dry cutting, large cutting feed, etc. So, not only can improve the production efficiency directly, also can promote the coordinated development of the industry as a whole mechanical processing. In today's highly developed information technology, the automated test fixture parts processing and digital level to a certain extent determines the productivity of a country, is also the focus of the national scientific research direction. As early as the mid and late 20th century, western developed capitalist countries will depend on the development of information technology to realize the industrial automation, digital development, which can maximize the processing efficiency, can also with the perfect process control to ensure the production quality, is the internal combustion engine was invented the most significant productivity revolution, changed the needle social form directly. However, due to the long-term effects of various subjective and objective factors, mechanical processing level for a long time in our country is in a state of relatively backward, taken by the more mechanical technology Syria be behind The Times, from the motor model 10 production lines, to the system processing step and unmanned lines are showing our efforts to force component mechanical technology determination, also from objectively reflect the mechanical technology for a country the important influence of mechanical processing industry. As a result, the trend of future information technology in the development and popularization, the test fixture parts automatic excitation word of machinery technology applications will be more and more widely. In order to improve the level of China's comprehensive national strength and social economy, in recent years, our country in all kinds of expanding the scope and scale of economic construction, mechanical processing industry is also constantly improve mechanization degree, the development of the whole national economy in China has played a tremendous support. However, customized test fixture in the current our country in the field of mechanical processing, the application of the new type mechanical technology and development there are still some problems, only has the objective to explore the causes and take measures to resolve the science and innovation direction, can effective guides with the mechanical processing industry in our country needs.
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