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Need to pay attention to in the process of CNC machining _cnc processing plant

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
CNC machining process matters need to be aware of it is strictly prohibited to use hand touch knife and iron pin, pin must be used to hook or soft brush to clean up. All else is strictly prohibited to handmade or method to touch rotating spindle bearings, steel or other moving parts. It is strictly prohibited in the CNC lathe processing work, even if the equipment or device not use cotton cleaning. CNC lathe operation period, the actual operating staff shall not leave position. Numerical control lathe in found that all the abnormal situation, should be terminated. Rolling bearing temperature often examine, too high, should be consulting relevant personnel to carry out the inspection. During the whole process in the numerical control lathe processing, CNC lathe maintenance door cannot open it. Strict post responsibility system, numerical control lathe is full-time personnel application, application must be agreed by I don't others. When steel overhang and the numerical control lathe 100 mm outside, should show maintenance at gateway parts of raw materials. When students completely clear the operation process, should ask the teacher if encounter problems, not clear standards it is forbidden to actual operation, such as equipment is unusual, should first report to the teacher. When back to manually type the original point, pay attention to numerical control lathe part should be as the original point - of each axis - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - On 100 mm spacing, numerical control lathe original point was the first X axis, namely the second shaft. In the application handle or quickly move move each shaft parts, be sure to see before moving the X axis and Z axis numerical control lathe bearing marked & quot; - - - - - - ” 。 According to handle the slow speeds, can accelerate the rate of numerical control lathe, to observe the CNC lathe bearing of fitness. Participants in a program or type the program process, to develop pattern simulation, after precision appropriate to carry out the numerical control lathe, numerical control blade steel surface 20 meters shall be maintained. Business process into account: the special tools shall be accurate, and the compensation of the serial number of the special tools shall accord with the application process. Check the CNC lathe parts of function buttons. The mouse cursor should be placed in the subroutine of the head. Add a moderate amount of coolant. Work site should be moderate, starting when the program flow in advance to prepare the left hand end buttons. Program flow can not be in operation when the left end buttons. If there is an emergency situation, should press on the end buttons. In the numerical control lathe machining process, must through the observation of drilling and refrigeration standards, to ensure that the numerical control lathe and special tools all the normal operation and the quality of the steel. Outside the merger on the door, prevent iron pin, grease. In the period of execution, if want to suspend the precise measurement of the steel specification, only in the numerical control lathe and terminate the spindle bearing thoroughly can accurately measure, in order to prevent safety accidents. When the main shaft bearing off, should turn off 3 minutes. It is strictly prohibited without the consent of the examination and approval to open the household electrical appliance box. Each manual type RunHua point must be in accordance with the provisions of labeled RunHua. Change processes important should be clear, immediately after the program flow regulation to prevent casual in change procedures. If not be used in a few days the equipment, should be part of every day give a numerical control machine tool and cathode ray tube 2 - 3 hours of power engineering.
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