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Nc machine tools work steps

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

in the last article we give to all the components of the nc machine tool is introduced, then today we give everybody introduction on nc machine tools machining parts go through the steps of:

( 1) Preparation for

according to the processing of parts drawings, determine the relevant processing data ( Tool path of coordinate, the processing cutting parameter, cutting tool size information, etc. ) , according to the processing plan, choose the type of fixture, tool selection about other auxiliary information.

( 2) Programming stage

according to the information processing technology, written in the language of the machine tool numerical control system can identify the nc machining program ( Description of the machining process) And fill out the application form.

( 3) To prepare information carrier

according to the program that has been programmed, the program stored in information carrier ( Perforated tape, tape, disk, etc. ) , the information carrier to transmit all the processing information to numerical control system. If the numerical control machine tool and computer networking, can be directly to load information to numerical control system.

( 4) Processing stage

when the executor, machine tool numerical control system will be processing program statements decoding, operation, converted to drive all the moving parts of action instruction, under the unified coordination of system drive timely movement of the moving parts, automatic machining of workpiece.

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