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Nc machine tool main steps for large precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
CNC machine batch precision machinery parts processing the main steps of CNC numerical control lathe and CNC numerical control milling machine is not only a high degree of automation, but also high precision machining of parts, for precision machinery parts processing batch production has a lot of advantages, not only the efficiency is very high, and high safety coefficient. Now the large mechanical processing factory is equipped with these devices. Their work process has a similar place, just the shape of the machining scope is different, to summarize, mainly the following four steps: 1. According to the customer for processing drawings good program; 2. Will set up process will be input into the nc lathe and nc milling machine equipment, waiting for the command specified systems to work; 3. Start working automatically receive the command, the servo system, start the whole machining action, drive lathe or milling machine precision machinery parts processing; 4. Impetus by the servo system, CNC turning lathe parts orderly, all processes are conducted orderly, work out meets the requirements of precision parts. Since the precision of numerical control lathe and milling machine processing so high, that in the process of processing, what factors will directly affect it? First is whether the precision of the machine system for good configuration, this will directly affect the precision of the numerical control machine tool processing degree; Followed by their own rigidity can carry all kinds of machinery and equipment operation, is in line with the objective reality, etc will affect the precision of the nc machine tool, so the first demands of machine tools, with high precision, this is to ensure that the basis of precision parts processing and surface accuracy. On a knife and measurement error are also affect the precision of parts processing. Used precision machining cutter has size, Angle, is produced in accordance with the specification of trajectory of a certain size of cutting tool, different tools for different processing methods, turning back, spindle speed, feed the three different ways to use cutting elements can also lead to the accuracy of precision machinery parts processing surface is different, according to the machining requirements of parts is different, different requirements for efficiency, precision, choose a different processing methods.
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