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Mould processing precision control strategy

by:Xavier      2020-05-20
Control strategy to solve problems in processing precision mould processing precision, improve the processing quality in the process of mould processing, factor affected the accuracy of the mold mainly includes the following aspects: the processing of artificial error, machine tool programming problems, machine tool, mold defects, etc. Various causes of these accidents, one of the most frequent accident was due to improper artificial processing problems, eventually led to the decrease of the precision. This is mainly due to the workers in the work of inattention, operation is not standard, master the factors such as the precision of the mould technology calculation deviation, effect the precision of mould; In addition, the machine tool control programming problems, is mainly due to the use of CNC machine programming procedure in open loop, cannot give full play to its intelligent control function. In addition, in the process of mould processing selection is not accurate, precision mold itself is not enough to factors such as restricting the processing precision of the mould. Mold processing technology of concrete strategies to improve the mold processing technology, research directions need to be focused on the following aspects: first, the optimization of mould processing precision control method, avoid because in the process of machining process design and operation specification does not reach the designated position, cause some related problems. Second, select the appropriate auxiliary machining tools, and control the whole process; Third, do a good job in the optimization of nc machine tool, control of mould processing, guarantee the accuracy of mould processing. In addition, in order to better control the accuracy, need on the basis of combining precision mould processing, pay attention to a few small details of the work, on the basis of the standardized operation process: first, to improve mold processing technology, according to the processing needs to make it more professional. At present, although some mould processing staff has the skilled operation skills, but there is a big problem on the precision of the mould processing problem. Therefore, we should strengthen the professional skills in operation, regular professional training, strengthen the application of new technology, new technology and new material, attach importance to the cultivation of the overall technology level of mould processing staff, the detail work habit, reduction processing in the process of a series of problems. In the second, mould processing, regular inspection and maintenance of the mold production equipment, avoid the process of control is not stable, and affect the machining precision mould; Third, combined with the actual construction situation, adjust the nc code parameter, to ensure the rationality of the construction.
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