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Mould processing control points

by:Xavier      2020-05-20
Mold processing control points to choose reasonable mechanical mold processing technology for the control of mould machining accuracy, first of all, the real demand of the mould, choose suitable processing technology, select the appropriate technology from the variety of types, compare the pros and cons of several process and similarities and differences, finally get the right solution. Now more widely used processing techniques including Turner, fitter technology processing, stamping processing, etc. But each process has its own characteristics, so the shape of the mould and the influence of the precision are also different, so need according to the requirements of the job, optimization of process flow, improve the degree of precision molds. Select mould processing machinery equipment in the process of mould processing, the processing equipment used by the type and quantity is more, the processing equipment for various processing stages use will vary. Mould using the blacksmith, for example, processing method, in order to promote the accuracy of the mold, in the process of control forging temperature, need to choose furnace holder, as a result of the clamp pliers head that breaks down under the influence of alternating, so the choice of a suitable clamp directly affects the precision of the mould. In the course of locksmith technology use, will use the file, how to mold characteristics to choose the right file types to marketing mold molding effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the precision mold machining precision of ascension, to correct the processing equipment, to choose the appropriate processing tools. The optimization in the process of mould processing control method, the processing of mechanical mould type also more diversified, including cylindrical mould, mould taper, there are some irregular shape of the mold. So the whole machining process, the mould machining used in the raw material is put in bigger difference. To satisfy tool types of diversification, to give full consideration to the actual demand, so as to realize the work efficient.
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