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Molding grinding crack reason analysis and process optimization measures

by:Xavier      2020-05-22
Forming grinding crack reason analysis and process optimization measures excavation equipment used in gear for the gears, precision mechanical product in order to improve the gear bearing capacity and abrasion resistance, usually take of carburizing and quenching heat treatment of gear tooth, after forming grinding processing and growth period, in a prominent problems existing in the gear processing a grinding crack forming principle of gear grinding with order: dressing wheel will be processing gear grinding wheel into groove, the grinding wheel do radial feed, grinding wheel bearing longitudinal feed and implementation of the gear rotating abrasive machining for grinding tooth surface gear form rising line. Hard tooth surface gear for carburizing and quenching, grinding cracks is the main reason of the thermal stress and organization stress on the tooth face surface instantaneous severe changes of surface caused by uneven stresses in the organization. Gear grinding internal cause of crack formation is gear carburizing and quenching quality. Gear in the carburizing and quenching process, liable to form a mesh in the carburized layer and too much free carbide. The material hardness is very high, precision mechanical product in the process of grinding grinding zone temperature deformation drama work equipment affect the accuracy of machining path, so need timely adopted in the manufacturing process of cooling temperature within the range of reasonable measures to ensure that the equipment, the main way of cooling is a physical cooling mode, can effectively reduce the internal factors that affect the machining accuracy of parts. In the machining process will Zhuo as many external forces of change, precision machining parts manufacturing and processing precision are very sensitive to external forces change. This has higher requirements for processing personnel first need to regular monitoring of machining equipment, guarantee each equipment safety operation, regular maintenance of the mechanical surface to ensure that the surface integrity and adopt suitable fixture, guarantee the accurate positioning of processed parts. To further guarantee the force balance, improve the processing precision of parts. The external cause of crack formation is grinding molding grinding thermal stress produced by the grinding process can produce a lot of calories, precision machining part was taken away by the cooling fluid, part is to play a gear tooth surface. And play a rapid temperature increase, more than the original tempering temperature, which will lead to temper burn in grinding condition is severe abnormalities, such as large deformation or grinding feed etc, tooth surface temperatures even reach phase transition temperature, the cooling surface excitation caused by secondary hardening, forming a heavy quenching burns, serious when the influence factors of forming grinding crack gear grinding crack gear grinding cutting for the first time.
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