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Mobile Internet run-up mechanical processing industry

by:Xavier      2020-06-30
Since the reform and opening up 30 years, the development of the mechanical processing industry in China has significant mechanical processing industry technical level has been greatly improved. By the current situation analysis and research of the mechanical processing industry, machinery processing industry experts 39:1098. Believe that China's machining than European and American developed countries is still relatively backward. At present, our country is in a critical period of economic development, but the machining technology is our weak link, especially in the field of precision machining and ultra-precision machining. Its development has existed distance with the development of the national economy. So if you want to keep up with the world trend of the advanced processing technology, must integrate the present popular industry, can be in an impregnable position in the fierce market competition, in order to promote the development of national economy, so the mechanical processing industry present situation and development prospect are also more and more people's concern and attention. In recent years, China's rapid development of Internet technology, the emergence of e-commerce platform for the development of the modern enterprise to create the new way, ( Baidu, alibaba, Google, etc. ) For the mechanical processing business, it is undoubtedly a broad market, promote offline sales opportunity. As mechanical processing industry, a senior expert, 39:1098 also said the mechanical processing industry in our country every year growth rate is significant, the competition in the industry, forcing companies to seek new development path, but for a lot of mechanical processing business, the electronic commerce development pattern is preferred, because through the electronic commerce platform, businesses can more rapid, accurate, and comprehensive product information, realize the interaction between information and communication with customers, to save the cost of sales at the same time, effectively improve the enterprise's business and reputation. Nowadays, our country electronic commerce positive towards advantage more mobile Internet development, this, such as baidu and alibaba has opened more mobile Internet platform. With the Internet as a result of the latest statistics, mobile Internet has now launched 4 g, soon will launch 5 g, and speed is one hundred times as much now. Each year in the share of the Internet, and substantial increase in more. This means that the mechanical processing industry development plan in the future, should pay attention to the online market development, take advantage of the mobile Internet, implement the client APP marketing mode, eventually form with 'online publicity drive offline sales growth' profit way, in order to improve enterprise's market competitiveness, maintain the market dominant position. Use of network marketing platform, to maximize resource utilization, which is under the big background of Internet era mechanical processing industry development inevitable trend, is also a enterprise want to keep strong development under the market competition of the path, facing the new environment, new economic situation and the background of the new stage of industry development, with the development of mobile Internet advantage, is not only widen the marketing channel, at the same time is a continuous integration and rich machinery processing products. A marketing revolution will bring tremendous change, opportunity and risk coexist, it is not only the direction of the current fierce competition in the market and opportunities, but also the power of mechanical processing industry continue to develop. Company is setting up its night Internet platform, now the only official website, there will be a series of mobile web sites and video immediately after the launch, you can focus on. The mobile Internet in the future
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