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Milling machine processing precision parts processing, and the several factors

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
Milling machine processing precision parts processing, and the several factors in this industry for precision parts processing, part of the processing procedure of milling machine that small steps, what are the elements in the numerical control milling machine processing? We learn about the. Master CNC milling machine milling two elements, and these two elements represents what, how to apply. Milling machine used in a sharp tool to reduce the cutting force of numerical control milling machine. This is crucial in precision metal processing one of the main elements, mechanical equipment processing cutting tool with the coated tools are divided into, the coating and the coating tool, very significant difference between the two is sharp and not sharp. The coated tools are usually have more sharp than a tool, because the tool if you want to coating, in the edge of the passivation treatment. Without treatment, will have great influence in the processing, processing efficiency will decrease. Milling method, the dosage of dosage in precision parts processing, we also have asked, when cutting, we usually want short processing time, use the knives' service life is long, the processing precision is high. So we must be fully considering the material, shape, hardness of the product for machine tool processing. In accordance with the requirements of the drawings for our machining process, selection of material and our tool also has exquisite. The depth of the milling machine and the elements of the processing. When cutting depth must use small point arc radius of cutting force can be reduced, especially the radial cutting force. On the contrary, the radial cutting force is the use of thin rod type tool or workpiece products produce the main causes of vibration. Simply speaking, a small point and the smaller the radius of circular arc cutting force, slender radial cutting force is bigger. Both hit cutting and milling, in the same cutting depth, the tip arc radius is larger. The greater the bistoury rod tend to vibrate. Precision metal processing tolerance value, the smaller the higher machining precision, numerical machining precision is lower, the greater the accuracy is the same reason, so a lot of machining manufacturer in the process of selection will be a lot of consideration. Equipment, materials, tools, personnel, these are some external factors, every manufacturer is essential. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory Xavier company. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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