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Methods to improve the quality of CNC machining parts _ CNC lathe parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
To improve the quality of CNC machining of several prominent point 1, the effective use of copper aluminum ( Al) A car milling machining cutting tool steel material, the laser scalpel to strict difference between copper and application of laser scalpel's capacity to be effective, the gloss of workpiece and cutting tool application of time ( 一生) Will be more strong. Before 2, CNC machining, with school table test ( Inspection and testing) Tool is within the allowable size tolerance category, shaking head and lock nozzle to processing to heat gun before blowing clean, or rinse off with cloth knife, dirty on the precision of the workpiece, Precision) And quality have certain harm. 3, clamp, pay attention to ( 注意) See the CNC machining and programming of single name, model specifications are the same, raw materials, Material) Specifications are matching, loading ratio is high enough, use vernier caliper card number. 4, CNC machining program list with abrasive ( Title: the mother of industrial production) Identified standard Angle position, patrol is the 3 d drawing again, very is already drilled water artifacts, do we have to see the 3 d map and the workpiece after water is consistent, if have blurred to immediate feedback ( fǎn亏) Write programmer or find millers return to 2 d engineering drawings, 2 d and 3 d standard Angle is consistent. Shenzhen CNC machining many reduce the total number of migrant workers, multifarious parts need not multifarious working clothes. If you want to change the appearance of the parts and specifications, the process must be altered parts processing program, only apply innovative product research and development and modification. 5, CNC processing document program list to standardization, contains ( bāo kuò) Mould number, name, the program name, the size of the web site content, cutting tool, under the knife, very is length of cutter holder is installed security, embedded in the capacity of each program, laser scalpel, to be made clear, R and plan to meet suitable areas, to indicate in the program list, operating controller should enhance 0 when processing. 02 ~ 0. 05 mm processing first, gong two knife stopped to look at whether meet the, use hand is level, if bad gong drop in again. Now make clear before 6, processing single site content by CNC machining program, the program must be in a single 2 d or 3 d drawing, and to identify; X, Y, Z wide high long; Six edge statistics ( data) 。 Whoever has the plan to identify; Z; Values, the operation controller convenient inspection after machining ( Inspection and testing) Statistics ( data) If appropriate, having the size tolerance to indicate the size tolerance statistics ( data) 。 CNC numerical control lathe processing the complex, high precision and mass production, many kinds of parts processing, is a kind of soft, high efficient automation technology of numerical control lathe, means that the trend of the development of contemporary numerical control lathe control system, is a kind of typical electromechanical integration products. In industrial applications, have been large category huge increase the productivity of the company. 7, operate numerical control lathe processing speed controller to control ( 控制) Well, F speed with S speed spindle bearing is better than to effectively adjust to each other, F faster relative S main shaft bearing to accelerate, in different areas have feeding rate adjustments must be done. Shenzhen CNC machining CNC lathe processing is refers to the CNC machine tool processing special tool to carry out the processing. By CNC lathe CNC index control lathe processing words to carry out the program control, generally for G code. Numerical control lathe processing G code words tell me which kind of Descartes CNC lathe tool to choose location coordinates, and manipulate the tool feed rate and spindle bearing rotating speed ratio, and its special tool changer, coolant etc. After the processing, touring quality all normal ( 爱默生) Suitability to the plane speed is, to a process. Because of the complexity of the numerical control processing, Such as different machine, different materials, different cutting tools, different cutting way, different parameter setting, etc. ) , made from engaged in numerical control processing ( Both machining and programming) To reach a certain level, must go through a long time, this article is an engineer in a long-term summed up in the process of actual production of the nc processing technology, process, the selection of commonly used tool parameters, process monitoring in the process of the compiled by some of the experiences available for your reference. The optional on the workpiece, the cutting point is optional (on the outside of the workpiece If choose in jig or machine) But it must be with parts of the size of the positioning base has a certain relationship. In order to improve the machining accuracy, the knife point should be chosen as far as possible on the benchmark parts design or process benchmark, such as hole positioning of the workpiece, the center of the optional hole as the cutting point. The location of the cutting tool is this hole to look for is, make 'knife site' and 'the knife point'. Factory alignment methods is to dial gauge is installed on the machine tool spindle, then turn the spindle, so that the 'knife sites' in line with the cutting point. The better the consistency, the knife, the higher the precision. 'Knife site' refers to the turning tool, boring tool tip; Bit of the drill tip; Vertical milling cutter, end mill, the center of the bottom surface of the cutting tools, ball milling cutter head of center of the ball head.
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