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Method of deburring _ is commonly used in precision parts processing precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-08
Deburring method is commonly used in precision parts processing precision parts processing process to remove burrs have to traditional handmade paper in addition to the flash way for steel file, grinding sand paper, sand head, side knife edge pressure gradually replaced the traditional way, not by the technical solution, save costs, not environmental protection, easy to use. Organic chemistry, hair removal and shenzhen the electrochemical reaction mechanism of metal laser cutting processing, and its automatic optional practical metal parts. Can be widely applied in the pump shell, circuit board, crankshaft, piston pump type needle valve components such as production and processing. Apply within the burrs, quenched and tempered treatment and difficult to remove the comb artifacts. Electrolysis electrolytic process burrs and electrolytic process metal material components, electrolytic process is called growth and development of photoelectric catalysis method. Special tool cathode ( Usually copper) Fixed on the perimeter of the steel steel, steel has a flash, two is a certain gap, General 0. 3 - 1毫米) Separation. Special tool cathode conductive part be guidance to the flash edge, the other surface is covered with insulation layer, make the electrolysis extraction in flash part. Special tool cathode anodic oxidation is negative ac, dc regulated power supply steel is positive. Electrolyte solution bottom pressure, working pressure of 0. 1 - 0. 3MPa( Generally for sodium nitrate and sodium chlorate solution) , in the middle of the steel and negative liquidity. Hardware precision machinery processing hardware production plant in shenzhen machinery equipment switching power supply applications, immediately electroplating anode oxidation melting crystal will cause, and according to the lithium battery electrolyte. Lithium battery electrolyte has certain corrosion, steel parts should be cleaned, hair removal after antirust processing. Electro-dialysis mirror finishing have cross hole or complex artifacts like concealed mirror finishing of engineering components, manufacturing efficiency, tun hair time for only a few seconds to a few seconds. The way for transmission gear, spline, crankshaft, oil plate, guide rod fuel pipe, bevel gear, such as hair removal. Defect is that the parts area surrounding the burrs after electrolytic process, the surface will lose the original luster, and even lead to precision parts of the specifications of the lower precision.
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