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Metal processing manufacturing process and automation level performance

by:Xavier      2020-05-29
Lack of metal processing manufacturing process and automation performance sheet metal machining automation processing process analysis of sheet metal machining automation need according to the process execution, metal processing and manufacturing is placed on the material first, and then try the sheet metal processing technology. Implementation of sheet metal metal materials processing will use automation technology, the application of numerical control automation technology is important, then combined with the demand to provide processing drawings according to the mold choice, through the study of the processing of numerical control technology. Will pay attention to the corresponding problems in sheet metal processing, the processed metal materials fixed good, first to avoid metal materials influenced by grinding factors produce shaking in the processing, cause the final product molding can not meet the actual demand [ 3] 。 Process to determine whether material placed vertically, and whether it meets the needs of processing point of view. Investment of time and the order for the materials are to be fully considered. Full attention to metal processing parts suit cut processing craft, can suitable for parts machining process of overlapping and fall off condition monitor, try to leave gaps in the process of material placed and thus convenient to reduce the error rate of the mechanism operation. To ensure orderly sheet metal processing, can effectively will be on the processing technology, choose the appropriate processing time on the precision can be guaranteed. The shortage of the sheet metal machinery automation processing analysis in the process of sheet metal hardware processing and manufacturing, there are some disadvantages, to timely solve these problems is more important. The application of nc machine tools could pose a bruised to sheet metal. The emergence of the problem and processed raw materials surface with magazines and metal debris. So in the process of sheet metal, be about to notice to machine cleaning to strengthen attaches great importance to the work, and then combined with the actual inspection on mechanical parts maintenance, guarantee the normal operation of the CNC machine hardware processing parts. In the actual machining process, are more likely to cause scratch sheet metal and material deformation problems [ 4] 。 For these deficiencies, in the actual processing is fully understanding, and find the corresponding treatment measures are dealt with.
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