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Metal covers CNC machining

by:Xavier      2020-07-11
Today's society, smartphones have become the human is not open to the thing, no matter you are eating, sleeping, or walk and so on, we all see almost everyone has a mobile phone in hand, and mobile phone is from the original can only call Jane simple singles, to now smart enough to complete a general computer can finish the work, starting from the most simple plastic shell, to the current metal shell, mobile phone function, appearance, etc have changed dramatically, today we are on the mobile phone of the most popular metal shell, now the major mobile phone makers has launched its own basic metal shell phone, even some commercial production metal shell mobile phone as a selling point, so the metal shell mobile phone is made so much? This will need to use CNC machining center, this kind of precision metal shell and like mobile phones and with CNC processing shall be ordinary exceptionally demanding some processing center, generally can now to make such a precision CNC processing, only the German and Japanese CNC machining center. Companies from the year beginning to try metal processing of mobile phone shell, in the middle of the hardships and only knows, of course, now the company after more than three months of hard work, basic can complete various types of metal processing of mobile phone shell, so that the company can according to customer requirements for various metal customization of mobile phone shell, welcome new and old customers to inquire.
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