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Mechanical processing of ultra miniaturization of motors and processing machinery

by:Xavier      2020-05-21
Machining of motors and processing machinery micromation nowadays I drive machinery industry is in a high-speed wishing show stage, machinery to produce in the process of machining of operating procedures, to ensure the normal use of daily life. Ultra fine machining and mechanical machining miniaturization is an important part of the process of mechanical processing, can effectively improve mechanical normal service life, therefore Han type of ultra-precision machining and mechanical machining quality directly influences the quality of mechanical huang. This article will be to Shanghai Chinese super fine precision machining in mechanical machining process and processing machinery miniaturization research and discussion. Mechanical and process Chinese super density technique be smell in the early 60 s with single blade diamond tool lens cutting aluminum alloy and anaerobic steel, used in a decade of stalk the technology obtained the amazing achievement. Super density add: in recent years are from within the sub-micron nanoscale limb, related technical personnel should be integrated in the process of development experience kei. The mechanical add: super motors with miniaturization and get fast development, and application in reality in addition to the mechanical process, mechanical processing industry to obtain good detection technology. 1. Ultra precision machining and ultra-precision machining technology under the modern family is mainly manifested in the investigation of the airport, the state of flash applications meet the machine tool manufacturing and research the color ring super density processing machinery. Combined with super density processing, high precision machining industry in a leading position coffret, three Chinese super high density and equipment level, called the oyster is widely used in commercial production process. And achieved excellent results, in the 1962 state p. a. hemisphere lathe developed mechanical technology, super density mainly added one diamond to the machine tool for super box compact mirror to cutting technology, in spherical and hemispherical processing, resistance in the process of fully using this technique. 2. Mechanical precision cutting process under the Shanghai precision machining, cutting process Dian song to part of the process, at the end of the workpiece production, using diamond workpiece cutting flow Xiao, now I spare cutting process with Dana level meters, nanoscale cutting skill to ensure that the cutting degree of the fu Cha mechanical workpiece cutting the workpiece in cutting a birch should be regarded as molecular mediators, fully consider the birth phase on action between molecules, using molecular cutting. Cutting work in the early stage of the operation, the use of artifacts is too wide to the detailed solution, the end of a cutting process along the grinding process, complete all: oxime as samples, the artifact will make in the production of qiu built, so the cutting process is particularly heavy thought, in the cutting process to ensure the high precision machining workpiece according to play for the shape of the complete, to ensure the integrity of the cutting piece which degrees.
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