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Mechanical processing module

by:Xavier      2020-07-11

in the last few articles, we introduce you to the machine tool operation staff should pay attention to matters, so today we bring you the items should be pay attention in the mechanical processing module:

1, touch wear, plug in a in die out a 0. 02 mm FIT model.

2, processing can't have burr, guarantee the smooth finish, require tolerance to do it. ( General overall tolerance of 0. 010).

3, to pin hole machining according to the requirements of tolerance.

4, sprue and runner strictly according to the size of the drawing machine ( CNC、EDM) Processing, and ensure the smoothness, resolute don't allow manual grinding machining and coarse grain.

5, before and after the mould surface does not allow is uneven, affect the appearance of pits, rust and other defects. Parting surface clean, neat, no sag of sealant, and ensure the accuracy. Die before and after the surface of the rib, the column, no fire decorative pattern, mark, and polished as far as possible. Department of cylindrical pinhole with reamer fine ground surface, decorative pattern, mark without fire.

6, exhaust slot depth is less than the overflow of plastic boundary value, less than or equal to 0. 02 mm exhaust slot by machine tool processing, no manual grinding machine grinding marks.

7, cup head hole side unilateral negative zero. 01 mm - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0. 02 mm, base usually deep - to do 0. 02MM。

8, tucks coordination unified die out after unilateral negative zero. 5 mm, and ensure the plane, R Angle to avoid empty.

a light numeral 9, pillow, the pillow and parting surface out of 12. 00 mm outside to avoid empty deep 0. More than 2 mm, flat can not avoid empty.

10, blocks, ejector pin, etc to fixed reliable positioning, turn round pieces have a check. Set pieces of the following is not copper, iron, internal model artifacts and inserts are not allowed to weld.

11, pumping of nozzle hole cone hole, the top pinhole adopt line cutting processing, and distribution. Push rod end face is consistent with the core.

around 12, waterproof apron groove should be poured R0. 3 - R0. 5 mm small rounded corners, avoid aprons in die when loading a crush.

should have number 13, mold parts. Before and after the number is not allowed to use grinding machine manual processing, mould kernel available flat milling cutter in the flat bottom benchmark angular position on a lettering label again. The remaining part Numbers CNC machining or etching. The requirements are clear and beautiful, neat and uniform spacing.

14, must be completely in accordance with the customer has confirmed the mold design processing, if there is any change, please promptly notify the customer or project staff.

15, mold please keep the surface bright and clean and without any scars, shall not be arbitrarily knock

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