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Mechanical processing factory to coordinate the relationship between the product quality and production cost

by:Xavier      2020-05-02
Mechanical processing factory to coordinate the relationship between the product quality and production cost of mechanical processing enterprises, only to coordinate the relationship between product quality and production cost, to work out a good product, but also to display the benefit to the high level. Xavier is engaged in precision parts finishing, at present our strategy is to improve precision machinery parts processing precision, reduce the process cost, for enterprise's sustainable development provides a good market environment, under the new situation, to carry out the mechanical processing factory cost control research, has important application value. Both in terms of raw materials, equipment or processing product sales, must be in accordance with market rules, precision machining manufacturer if you insist on traditional vulgar management mode, will cause serious material waste, is not conducive to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. For technology research and development, equipment updates and, on the other hand, the funds will also be introducing talents is proportional to the reduced, not conducive to competition. Market competition forces enterprise to set up the whole process of cost control idea, in the machining processes all link, to strictly abide by the standard cost management, and to achieve optimal utilization of limited resources, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Precision machinery parts processing cost control of the final effect, and the staff have a direct link between the levels of technology. If you want to improve the precision machining precision and efficiency, to strengthen the business ability of the operator. Some people have a certain process skills more skilled, but the low level of culture, do not have access to jobs or free time to improve themselves, can complete the basic machining; Or is the machinery manufacturing professional learning, but lack of work experience, work efficiency is low, cannot be technology into considerable benefits. So the mechanical processing factory regularly carry out skills training and on-the-job education, improve the technical level of whole enterprise.
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