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Mechanical processing close to the world level in our country

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
Is gradually grow into the world's superpower precision machinery processing and export of machinery processing industry in China, are gradually to transformation and upgrading of industries, from the original mechanical products processing and low-end to technology-intensive industry cluster development, parts machining skills has reached the advanced world level. Some shortcomings and defects existing in the industry at the same time, also require companies to constantly breakthrough innovation. Precision machinery products is an important part of industrial manufacturing, precision parts, precision hardware, such as, for example, is widely used in automotive, medical, communications, and other fields. As labor-intensive industry, precision machining products export in China occupies an important proportion in export trade. At present, the machinery manufacturing export-oriented development trend obviously, mechanical products export comprehensive growth, huge market and center position will further attract numerous machinery multinational company transfer to China's manufacturing center. Long-term since, our country mechanical manufacturing industry restricted by technology and talent, on technical innovation and product research and development, it is difficult to compete with Europe and the United States of big company. But with the influx of foreign capital, industry competition intensifies, increasing investment on independent development, domestic machinery industry has made great achievements, especially in mechanical manufacturing enterprise in digital display technology and digital display measuring instrument hardware measuring tool products achieved breakthrough. As the current domestic successful development of 2 meters CNC gear measuring instrument, become highly competitive in the international community of precision measuring instruments. With the aid of outside force, also for the domestic machinery processing enterprises in technology have very good help, now most of the domestic first precision processing enterprises have absorbed quite a few foreign brands more precision machinery processing equipment. Among the Japanese, German imports of equipment. With the help of outside force, but also greatly cut the mechanical processing of product precision and identity. Precision mechanical engineering research center director, said the China precision machinery in the research and development, process equipment and integral to achieve the leap development of the industrialization of ability some results are close to or reached the world advanced level. To delight the development of domestic machinery industry, at the same time, we should see the gap behind, such as production equipment, to now the domestic production of mechanical processing equipment, also far less than Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions. Other talents, provide the latest statistics in 2013, in all the recruiting industry, machinery processing industry recruit people at least, that is to say, people lack most mechanical processing industry. Mechanical processing industry to have a long-term development, must give full play to the government's guidance support, create a good environment for the mechanical processing industry development, and actively adjust and optimize industrial structure, shift to knowledge intensive industry, promote industrial upgrading, training and the introduction of mechanical processing professional talents, enrich technical reserves, and further promote independent innovation, the implementation of brand strategy, improve product added value, as soon as possible to shorten the China national machinery industry and the gap between the developed countries. Close to is not equal to exactly the same, we must clearly recognize the gap, a long way to go, and fear and fear trembled, are treading on thin ice, for do machinery processing industry in China is getting better and better, stronger and stronger. Has been working hard in the mechanical processing enterprises in China this paper address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 67
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