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by:Xavier      2020-05-21
Precision machinery parts processing precision clamping force device is to ensure the primary factor of precision machinery parts processing manufacturer in order to ensure parts processing precision, and can think many methods to complete, equipped with special tools and testing equipment, but in fact the workpiece clamping is a priority we guarantee the accuracy of precision machinery parts processing. Precision metal processing, the clamping method has a lot of kinds, workpiece clamping device is composed of two parts, including clamping force device and clamping power plant, the clamping power plant can produce original clamping force, which has two kinds of manual and motorized and manual clamping by human to produce original clamping force, mechanical clamping by machinery to produce original function with clamping, generally speaking, there are hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electromagnetic. If precision parts appearance is complex, it needs to custom fixture, in order to achieve precision metal machining process. Clamping force device used to pass the clamping power plant produced by the clamping force, is a set of transmission mechanism. Good must be taken into account in design of clamping device, precision machinery parts machining accuracy and productivity, the labor intensity, etc. , the clamping device could not be broken in the process of clamping workpiece positioning, clamping force produced by too much in order to avoid deformation, also cannot too small and clamping instability, must guarantee the stability in the process of parts processing. In general, the greater the production batch of parts, the clamping device shall be for more complex, the principle is under process performance guarantee good structure should strive to simple, convenient manufacture, maintenance, installation and operation. Determine the clamping force of clamping component, including three aspects, respectively is the direction of the clamping force, clamping force point and the size of the clamping force. Positioning towards the direction of the clamping force to the main base, and as far as possible consistent with the machine tool and workpiece cutting force of gravity, the point to keep in position within the range of bearing in the precision machinery parts processing, and role in the workpiece strength good position so as not to cause the workpiece deformation influence machining precision. General according to the size of the clamping force in the process of precision metal processing of cutting force, centrifugal force and inertia force, gravity, etc to determine, but in fact its size also with system rigidity, the transfer efficiency. And will change with the machining process, and, therefore, cannot obtain accurate numerical, normally only slightly estimates, estimating method based on the instantaneous state of clamping is very bad for foundation, simultaneously affect to determine the force system. The above information is derived from the hardware precision machinery processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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