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Mechanical machining CNC lathe process analysis

by:Xavier      2020-05-21
Mechanical machining process analysis in numerical control lathe, numerical control processing, according to the drawing process analysis of parts, at the same time to determine the mechanical machining workpiece origin of programming and processing components, convenient to set up the workpiece coordinate system, programming is convenient from the perspective of value, its program of the establishment is not based on the machine tool coordinate system, when the workpiece is clamped on the machine tool, CNC machine tool is the numerical control system does not know the workpiece in what position, want to complete mold machining, you must tell the location of the nc machine tool numerical control system, namely, to establish the connection between the machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece, we call this process of cutter. The knife is ready for nc machine tool in processing parts, the stand or fall of its precision will directly affect the workpiece machining accuracy and reliability, has a very important influence on the nc machining efficiency. The actual production process, parts of nc machining programming and machining separately, according to nc programming parts design drawings, select a convenient coordinate system and the origin, when choosing machine tool coordinate system should pay attention to choose the appropriate reference point as the origin. Establish proper coordinate system for position detection of CNC machine tool, control, display, such as work, namely when nc program execution order, according to the coordinate system of the machine tool coordinate values as the standard. But in the process of nc machining, the machining parts have a certain shape and size, only need a workpiece coordinate system is built on mechanical machining workpiece, the workpiece coordinate system origin are choose, at the point of the right end face of workpiece when machining program, can be compiled for workpiece coordinate system. When nc machine tools in executing the command, the system can read the machine tool coordinate values of reference frame, and then according to the program and machining of the workpiece coordinate data; But in the actual machining process, will appear all sorts of problems, such as clip when loaded on the chuck, workpiece system cannot know the workpiece origin in what position, only through the test of cutting knife mold machining operation, and after a system calculation, to make work coordinate system origin address in the machine tool coordinate system.
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