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Mechanical equipment inspection and maintenance of common sense

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

mechanical equipment operation simple is also a simple, say complex complex, too. Simple because projected well in advance the program compiled implementation, complex is careful operation, need professional mechanical equipment inspection and maintenance is the same. By our below to introduce the mechanical equipment inspection and maintenance of common sense:

1, through the training of staff, make its familiar with the basic operation of equipment maintenance and use technology, avoid the improper operation or damage to the equipment failure;

2, training the specialized technical personnel, familiar with the structure of the equipment and fault diagnosis, troubleshoot and repair technology;

3, the aggregation equipment management experience, improve the efficiency of the use and management of equipment.

for preventive equipment repair and maintenance, its purpose is the least amount of equipment maintenance to maximize the function of play equipment, so in essence is to choose an optimal maintenance cost and benefit ratio. This is a management problem, an optimization problem. This problem more concentrated embodied in equipment maintenance and overhaul plan on schedule.

in the process of the use of the equipment, by the work environment temperature, humidity, continuing the use fixed number of year of the running time, equipment, equipment, material, the influence of such factors as this would require the maintenance of mechanical equipment in the process of the actual use situation, combined with the analysis of the health status of the equipment operation, so as to timely formulate reasonable equipment routine maintenance and scheduling of maintenance downtime. The effect should be the first to avoid unnecessary downtime, the second is under the premise that as far as possible without affecting the normal operation of equipment, implement daily maintenance of equipment, and found the abnormal situation timely processing.

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