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Mechanical design and machining of three strategy improvement action research

by:Xavier      2020-05-21
Mechanical design and machining of three strategy 1 improvement action research. Material science to select material includes two aspects of material and tool material spare parts. Material directly affect the performance of the parts and components in the selection, first using the empirical parts performance to select a series of materials used, and then according to determine the final material such as economical, beautiful sex. Worm gear and worm drive, for example, low efficiency, heat dissipation performance is poorer, the main failure forms for, agglutination and pitting, therefore when choosing worm worm gear materials, materials, deputy should have good antifriction and running-in, agglutination resistance performance. In the actual production, the turbine gear ring of bronze or iron is generally selected materials, and the worm often choose alloy steel or carbon steel. Motherboard test fixture of cutting tool materials is according to the workpiece material and processing method to determine, for example, 45 steel forgings in rough turning, choose YW material of cutting tool, and in the car, choose YT15 material cutting tools. 2. Follow scientific processing technology design process scientifically, not only can improve the quality of the parts, but also can improve the performance of components. When making craft route, on the one hand, as far as possible, improve the automation level of production, reduce artificial operation, reduce the effect of artificial factor; On the other hand, as far as possible to reduce parts processing process, as far as possible one-time processing and processing, improve the machining precision and machining efficiency. Test fixture production is the most important is, according to the specific performance of the parts, select the appropriate working procedure processing method finally, change the nature of the residual stress of workpiece surface. At work, for example, workpiece by alternating load, in order to improve the fatigue strength, should choose to make the residual compressive stress is generated and avoid residual tensile stress in the final process of machining method, and the relative sliding two artifacts, in order to improve the resistance ability of sliding friction, should choose to make the tensile stress of workpiece surface processing technology in the end. In addition, the mainboard test fixture in actual production, the rolling processing method is often used to improve the bearing capacity and fatigue strength, adopt the method of shot peening improve the fatigue strength and service life. 3. Scientifically choose lubricants lubricants in the whole process have the effect of cooling and lubrication. In the process of machining, the use of cutting fluid has played a very good cooling and lubricating effect. However, if the lubricant lubricant selection errors exist, or no good control of the use, will bring some negative impacts. In general, the common cutting, grinding, stamping and drawing process, will produce large amounts of heat energy in the processing area, test fixture production for the cutting tool life and precision of the control will be unfavourable [ 5] 。 According to the workpiece materials and processing methods, scientifically select lubricant can improve the thermal deformation of the workpiece surface, improve the processing quality and processing efficiency. 45 # steel workpiece in cutting process, for example, cannot choose aqueous solution as a lubricant, from the perspective of economic cost, the cost of cutting oil emulsion is low, so choose emulsion as lubricant.
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