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Mechanical design and machining of common problems including 3 points are put forward

by:Xavier      2020-05-21
Mechanical design and machining of common problems which put forward 3 factors, which affect the mechanical design and machining is more, these factors directly or indirectly affects the quality of the product. In the influence factors of these seemingly complex irregular can always find some universal problems, including machining precision, parts surface quality, design standardization, product price, lubricants, etc. How to effectively to overcome these common problems, and how to in-depth analysis and study these factors, the hardware test fixture for the development of the processing enterprises is particularly important. In this paper, the mechanical machining precision of the typical problems in the design process, parts surface problem, standardization of design problems, performance analysis, and put forward solutions. 1. Mechanical structure and material design problem of mechanical structure and material is the common problems affecting the mechanical processing. Hardware test fixture of the same utility structure, different design ideas can lead to different degree of processing, and processing precision will be different, this suggests that the designers should not only consider the structure when the design of the utility to consider structure to the difficulty of the process and the precision of processing; As for the material, can be used for a machine or machine parts there may be several kinds of materials, all kinds of material cutting machining each are not identical, designers not only consider the material in the design of the availability of consider material can be cutting, so as to improve the precision of the products. 2. Design standardization mechanical parts standardization is manufacturing enterprises need to follow the standard, size, material performance, processing technology, it includes parts, inspection requirements, and many other aspects. Designers use standard structure and components, materials and parts performance index, can greatly reduce the design cycle, improve the parts reliability. 3. Parts surface quality problem parts surface quality directly affect the surface micro geometry shape and surface physical and mechanical properties, surface quality of the professional test fixture, spare parts surface is rough, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the worse, in turn, affects the performance and service life. At present the main factors of affecting parts surface quality of the matching problem of cutting tool material and workpiece materials, cutting dosage and workpiece material selection of issues. According to the parts material, choose the corresponding cutting tool, for example in the practical production, hard alloy steel tool commonly used in cast iron parts processing, metal ceramic cutting tools are commonly used in the processing of hard materials, etc. For plastic material, if choose larger cutting dosage, hard to avoid can make parts occurred plastic deformation, and at the end of the chip processing, separation of cutting tools and parts will produce tore his role, professional test fixture affect the surface quality of parts. For brittle material, in the process of cutting, easy to produce the discontinuous pieces, affect the surface quality of parts. Mechanical design processing stage, the control of surface quality of the parts, reduce the emergence of the defective goods, in-depth analysis of the factors influencing the surface quality, it is of great significance for manufacturing enterprises.
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