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Material impact on machining precision parts _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-21
Now metal material processing, or is a metal processing, is a professional mechanical equipment, all of them, and workmanship, and convenient many, many, fast and efficient than manual work if say yao has a mechanical equipment, development trend of the total number of manual work is no good now, now can say every mechanical equipment industry is already all over, waste paper packer, automatic packaging machine, folding machine, hoisting equipment, electric lift trucks in the this kind of machinery and equipment, in applications such as flow can now says. Precision machining in the precision machining of that time, the selection of raw material if not close, then, is likely to cause processing out of the parts can not meet the application requirement of mechanical equipment, because, at the time that the start processing must clearly understand the conditions as prescribed by the material. If be of stainless steel material processing, then see how its hardness, in many stainless steel material, stainless steel plate is the most hard, while iron second slightly, the hardness of copper in pig iron, and the hardness of aluminum is the least, as a result, steel has high hardness provisions shall select stainless steel plate, and low provisions should be choose aluminum. Precision machining 1, the first to master hardness, some application areas of machinery and equipment for parts of hardness is high higher and higher, however, these are generally only at the time that the processing of steel hardness, if be the processing of raw materials, so, hardness is generally not too hard, or is likely to cause raw material in all the work is too hard and damage to the parts. 2, then, need to see parts of the actual efficacy is what, if be used in some of the heat manufacturing industry, then choose the material without fail if heat-resistant material, and in some other manufacturing industries, then, is to select the suitable materials in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturing industry. 1, precision parts, precision parts processing of the material and hardness, also involves many complicated technological process, different materials have different ways of processing and technology, our factory can according to customer's requirement to customize the most suitable processing scheme, for customers to save processing costs at the same time, also want to keep the machining efficiency and precision parts precision and quality. 2, a lot of friends, or is the customer need to processing precision parts, in case of high hardness, precision parts under the condition of the budget is not much, looking for more processing plants, but not many factories would like to order, is this why? Precision parts processing, we actually do open CNC processing factory, the profit is not very high, coupled with customer parts requirement of high precision, precision components for steel material of high hardness, for our factory, the cost would be linear increase, all for the guarantee of quality of precision parts and precision, our factory will suggest you still don't too care about price, after all, the processing cost of processing plant is yes, our factory with the good faith, serious, responsible to ensure the quality, the enterprise attitude, responsible for customer orders, with a dedication to work sense of responsibility to do business.
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