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Marginal precision machinery processing enterprises how to get rid of the market

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
Marginalized precision machinery processing enterprises how to get rid of market at present, along with the wave of economic globalization of the information age of science and technology, foreign companies are pouring into the Chinese market, seeking cheap labor contract, processing the necessary precision parts and components required for their production. On the market now dominated by large state-owned enterprises and multinational trading company market, and the second - and third-tier cities, small precision machinery processing factory co-action in competition. Important influence of the pearl river delta as the world's advanced manufacturing industry base, does make internal areas such as guangzhou, shenzhen, foshan, shenzhen, zhongshan and other places of precision machinery processing factory introduced a large number of foreign capital and advanced technology, but also, more intense competition in the industry. How to stand out in such a piece of the red sea market, get rid of the marginalized, what needs to be done. First, we need to own enterprise has a clear understanding of, clearly we are finishing small is given priority to, or in the large quantities of the semi finished products, for purchase of workshop production equipment. Parts processing requirements of more and more fine, now still can compete for the market by price war, in the future are based on high precision products for demand of users, so you need to advanced equipment to supplement the move, and periodic inspection and maintenance. Second, because of the precision machinery processing industry started earlier, for the traditional industry, single customer sources, can only rely on factories within a few business people get offline order, difficult to expand. So we need to transition, through the Internet and offline, access to customers online, offline, relying on the transformation for money out of the market marginalized. Above is Xavier analysis of precision machinery processing enterprises in the information age how to get rid of the marginalization of ideas. Way, of course, certainly a lot, but according to the current market situation, practical and efficient way of the above two points are most likely to work, hope I can help you.
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