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Manual grinding technology in the application of precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-22
Manual grinding technology in the application of precision machinery parts processing in precision machinery parts processing, manual grinding is also an indispensable link, which is a sophisticated processing technology, in the process of work need to have both theoretical support and to constantly test grope and summary, high precision machinery parts processing not only want to have patience, you also need to staff in the process of careful and careful. Under the current conditions, grinding process adopts the free abrasive machining method, abrasive cutting effect, itself has also been friction, make its smaller size, shape change. If grinding allowance design is too large, must be constantly filling the new abrasive in the process of grinding, to increase the cutting effect, therefore in the process of precision machinery parts processing grinding, is actually the old and new cutting edge involved in cutting at the same time, like a sharp knife, a blunt knife cutting wood at the same time, lead to precision hardware parts surface potholes, flatness and roughness, apparently, does not meet the design requirements. In the process of grinding, due to the influence of grinding heat, found too large allowance design parts, 'side' phenomenon more and flatness ultra difference phenomenon is more. Obviously, the increase of grinding allowance, and the result can only increase the rejection rate, from precision machinery parts processing quality into consideration, choosing the appropriate grinding allowance is very important. At the same time, according to the kinematic point of view, and grinding requirements by grinding parts with relative motion mill. That is to say, abrasive particle trajectory should be continually changing direction, regularly to avoid duplicate too early, so that we can make the precision hardware parts countless cutting surface mark can offset each other regularly, therefore, in order to guarantee the trajectories of the above, require the operator often dressing grinding disc, guarantee the grinding plate flatness, reach micron grade precision parallel degree, if too large parts of grinding allowance design, in the process of grinding, tend to be repeated. Grinding allowance increase, flatness in the plane of the mill will decline, affect the quality of the precision machinery parts processing, in the process of grinding, the friction between parts and participate in the grinding of abrasive, both make each other gradually loss volume, and cause the change of the shape size, according to the principle of grinding, grinding grain diameter and consult the relevant manuals, such as initial return 0, respectively. 020mm,0. 030mm,0. 040mm,0. 055 mm the grinding allowance of http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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