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Machining the use of measuring devices and maintenance knowledge

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
Machining the use of measuring devices and measuring devices maintenance knowledge is a necessary tool in machining industry, it can not only at the end of the workpiece processing later as a test whether qualified, can measure in the process of machining precision of the workpiece whether meet the requirements of a particular process, improve work efficiency. So how to use and daily maintenance of the basic and important tool, is to discuss well today. First, how to correctly use of measuring devices, measurement and quality control measure is divided into processing. Process measurement is a key, because of its use of objects is fuck machine workers, the use of measuring devices such as micrometer we have to take care all the more. (1) if you need to measure a workpiece when machining whether meet the requirements of the process precision, shall workpiece measurement after stopped completely, avoid the workpiece vibration measurement of surface wear measuring devices. (2) the measurement shall be carried out at room temperature and avoid artifacts caused by heat bilges cold shrink accuracy of measurement is not accurate. (3) vernier caliper, micrometer, such as precision measuring tool should not be used to detect blank, due to the rough surface is too rough, easy to cause measuring tool measuring surface wear. And after the processing quality control measure, is usually a dedicated QA personnel operation, for the use of measuring tool are not too much. Secondly about daily maintenance way of measuring and processing and quality inspection two aspects. (1) operating machine when processing personnel should pay attention to the measuring tool must not be placed on the machine, also with the cutting tool must not be placed together. Measuring tool should be put in special box, and stored is wiped clean after each use. (2) the operating personnel shall not be taken apart, modified, measuring tool, should by specialized personnel operation, avoid damage of measuring tool. (3) QA inspection personnel should be regularly test for a qualified measuring performance, size, and test record label, as the basis of can continue to use or change, for the next test.
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