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Machining of cutting tool requirements

by:Xavier      2020-07-12
Production tool producers who have a lot of our country, let alone the country, the light in changzhou region, xixia luxury has hundreds of cutting tool factory, but according to statistics, the domestic most of the cutting tool factory, most production is given priority to with traditional knife, cheap low standard tools, there is a data are: production of cutting tools in China about 2. 5 billion, 2004, 2 billion of them are cheap cheap tool most of the export, the export is still the basic tool is perfection for years to come. And a survey is that, in the U. S. market, medium specifications of the cutting tool, probably buy to $10, while China supply tool for about $1 in the United States. Is China's production tool, more than most is low, and precision machining in cutting tools, it is very exquisite, cheap, after all, not only service life is short, and drill out parts accuracy is not high also, so now the domestic manufacturer of precision parts, more is to purchase a foreign import tool for machining, to a much higher price, hope that the domestic enterprises can also play the innovative ideology, to make more and better tools to adapt to mechanical processing field
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