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Machining industry 'teeth' industry - — carbide

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
Machining industry 'teeth' industry - — Cemented carbide cemented carbide is a kind of made of hard compound and bonding metal powder metallurgy material, because it has powerful features: high hardness, high wear resistance, is widely used in machining industry, mainly used in the manufacture of machinery and parts required by the production of the tools being used. From the first type of carbide in 1923, and then to the modern intelligent machining time, the characteristics of cemented carbide a change again. The earliest made of cemented carbide cutting tools for metal cutting process, the blade wear extremely easily, life is short; Now carbide can work normally under the high temperature of 500 ℃, still have very high hardness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other performance reach alarming proportions. The most often used in the production of cemented carbide today processing cutting tool used for machining industry, such as milling, turning, boring cutter, etc. , according to the composition of carbide cobalt content of different tools needed to produce different process, can be divided into the roughing and finishing tool use knives. Finish machining carbide cutting tools, general is the composition of cobalt is less, and is used for rough machining. In addition to the field of cutting tools, carbide also applies to production and processing cold work mould and auto parts. At present, with the development of science and technology, the machining industry technology innovation, hard alloy has been gradually into the military, aerospace, electronic communications, and other areas of the high and new technology industrial production products use, and, with the development of cutting-edge technology in the future, the demand of the carbide will be more and more.
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