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Machining how to correctly use cutting fluid

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
Machining how to correctly use cutting fluid cutting fluid is one of the most commonly used industrial machining liquid, used for cutting, grinding, can effective lubrication cutting edge and workpiece. Because more and more fine machining industry development, in order to adapt to finish machining and rough machining respective process required, the use of cutting fluid is not the same. For rough machining, because of the need to remove more machining allowance, turning and feed back is very big, when cutting can produce more heat. At this point, the tool will accelerate because of the high temperature wear and the workpiece will be because of the high temperature lead to the thermal deformation. So you need to use cutting fluid has good cooling performance is required, use water-based cutting fluid is most appropriate. The lubrication effect of water base cutting fluid is poor, but the heat transfer effect is good, prevent high temperature smoke, fire, and so on and so forth. For finish machining, based on the main points of the machining precision is given priority to, small cutting feed, the lower the friction between cutter and workpiece heat, just make sure lubricity can effectively improve the precision of workpiece, so choose oil-based cutting fluid. Oil-based cutting fluid lubrication performance of the effect is good, cooling effect is poorer, generally speaking, when the cutting speed is less than 30 m/min. Proper use of cutting fluid, for machining enterprises, this is very important. It to a certain extent, ensure the workpiece stability, not deformation, and the ability to make machining production efficiency.
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