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Machining deformation of workpiece is going on?

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
Machining deformation of workpiece is going on? In the precision machinery processing factory production of artifacts, often because of improper operation personnel operating workpiece deformation, affect the production efficiency. So how to avoid or reduce the things happen, we must first understand the causes of the machined workpiece deformation, suit the remedy to the case. Clamping tight: the workpiece in precision machining often need to use the auxiliary tool clamping, avoid the workpiece when machining vibration, but sometimes because of improper clamping point location choice result in deformation of workpiece by stress. So we in the clamping, should according to the workpiece clamping point location choice, the support of at this point in the position of the clamping point to adjust the size of the clamping force, and try to increase the contact area of fixture and artifacts. Cutting: cutting tool, caused by a lack of rigidity workpiece or tool, affected by the factors of cutting force, cause deformation of workpiece on thick thin, called knife phenomenon. The method to deal with this phenomenon, improve the cutter blade sharpness, reduce the size of the friction between the blade and workpiece. Structural materials: as a result of the workpiece material rigidity and stability is relative, the deformation of the number of shape and structure complexity, how much is relative width thickness, so in the design process should pay attention to the impact of these factors on the workpiece, reduce the probability of deformation. The workpiece should be paid attention to when designing the structure of the hypothesis in a reasonable scope, has also should follow the relevant process and material selection. Above is Xavier is generated in the process of machining deformation analysis of several kinds of situation, you can contrast reference, improve their technology system.
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