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Machining center artifact faster installation is complete

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
Machining center artifacts how faster installation is complete mechanical processing industry in our country is a basic position in the industry, but it is also a pillar industry of the country, can to a large extent influence the development of national economy. Since the reform and development of development soon, level has obvious improvement. But compared with western developed countries, there are still gaps. Modern automated production, precision metal processing has become more and more widely used, due to the highly centralized processing center process, an outfit epicenter can processing work pieces of most or all of the surface, to avoid the workpiece with the epicenter of the central error installed for many times, therefore, between machining surface can get higher position precision. When machining the workpiece installation is essential link in the process design, the stand or fall of workpiece installation directly affect the machining quality of workpiece. To give full play to the CNC machining center and processing characteristics such as high precision, high efficiency, multiple directions, in front of the workpiece processing, must choose correct workpiece positioning base, choose the appropriate fixture, determine the optimal location of workpiece in the machine tool worktable, so as to improve the positioning precision of the parts, minimize parts of central pressure deformation, ensure the machining accuracy and high production efficiency. Because precision metal processing of the workpiece is relatively complex, general artifacts in a packed well needs both roughing and finishing after epicenter, which requires the workpiece during installation to comprehensive consideration of various factors, correct selection of workpiece positioning base, selection of machining center using the fixture, and thus more effective play to the function of the machine, ensure the machining accuracy, improve production efficiency. As for some enclosure precision parts processing, can make use of interior space to house clamping mechanism, open its processing surface, when on the horizontal machining center around the perimeter of the workpiece during processing, if it is difficult to arrange fixture locating and clamping device, then can find a place to set aside by reducing the processing surface positioning clamping element space. In addition, the fastening device and other components shall not affect the tool feed, epicenter tight space position of components should be low, as far as possible for clamping workpiece fixture on the composition of the piece (after Such as locating piece, briquetting and bolts, etc. ) Can't interference with the tool motion trajectory. The hexagon with vertical milling cutter milling parts, if institutions with press pin 4 surface of the workpiece, the pressure plate and cutter interference occurs easily; If the clamping pressure may face, will not affect the tool feed. Precision parts processing center of the workbench is the basis of the epicenter and the workpiece positioning and installation, the workbench face usually have benchmark tee trough, turntable center has a hole, side table, such as benchmark damper positioning components. Fixed way generally with screw or fastening screw holes on the surface of the table, with bolt and clamp clamping fixture or artifacts. Jig used for fastening hole and slot position must be with the worktable tee slot and hole corresponding to the position.
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