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Machinery spare parts management the important effect of the lean management in coal mine

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
Machinery spare parts management in the lean management of coal mine has an important role in coal mine production with science and technology level of ascension, entered the era of mechanization litres of mining. In improving the drilling rate, reduce the labor intensity, improve the safety management, reduce the waste of resources and so on various aspects of the advantage, the requirements for mechanical equipment is improved. Shanghai FCT has grown test fixture in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of mechanical equipment, in addition to routine maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, etc, more embodies the huge role of accessories, cost consumption. From the roadway drivage of continuous miner to harness. 1. Machinery spare parts management ict test fixture manufacturers machinery spare parts management includes many aspects, such as: daily consumption, cost happens, get benefit situation, inventory reserves, repairing the old situation and so on many aspects. Stone GeTai coal mine ten million tons of ore 丼. , thus it can be seen that the ratio of mechanical and electrical equipment is very big, the role in the safety in production is also very large. 2. Machinery spare parts cost use of mechanical and electrical equipment, ict test fixture manufacturers are faced with mechanical princess piece cost consumption situation, also need to face the situation of mechanical and electrical accessories reserves, if princess capacity is too large, will take up the cost of production, affect the overall economic benefits, will also affect the lean management; If the capacity is too small, accessories during the electrical and mechanical equipment use, factors such as equipment failure and accessories procurement cycle is long. Affect the normal production of mine 丼. Stone 丼 GeTai coal mine under the condition of relatively complex, the hydrogeological conditions is large, form of mechanical and electronic systems are also more complex, therefore requires sufficient on accessories reserves, on the fault handling requirements in a timely manner, to promptly eliminate hidden dangers in the daily maintenance. In such cases, FCT has grown in Shanghai test fixture is need of management for electromechanical princess has to take some relatively reasonable, suitable method. Therefore, for machinery spare parts management directly affects the lean management level, and even affect the cost of mineral sheers controls and safety production management. 1. 2 problems. ​
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