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Machinery processing and the matters needing attention when _ precision machining parts

by:Xavier      2020-04-11
Mechanical equipment factory of mechanical parts processing at that time, the artifacts should be level too high thick, with different length knife used a machete to carry out the open after coarse, should eliminate with a fruit knife leftover bits of material. Using the trilateral knife processing plan spher mill, don't use, to reduce processing time; If have grade, and is an integer value, using the slope knife processing. Precision parts processing and effective set size tolerance, the processing precision and computing time on computer balance each other, do more technological process, reduce the air knife time; MAO embryo raw material with high intensity, choose up milling; MAO embryo low raw material strength, choose suitable milling. Roughing up milling, finishing down milling; Cutting tool materials, good ductility, low intensity into the rough machining, cutting tool material low ductility, high strength in finish machining. Precision machining on the CNC lathe processing machinery plant is the choice of processing parts of clamp pack way more effective benchmark precision positioning and clamping plan, in essence the benchmark when the choice, should follow the 'benchmark' commonly and overlapping 'benchmark' this two standard, apart from these two standards, also want to consider, as far as possible in a precise positioning clamping on the surface of the whole processing, therefore, should choose to each surface can be processing precise positioning method. Workpiece at a time when, should carry out on all the surface of the workpiece processing; Clear when the workpiece is placed on the table in a work place, should give full consideration to can hold concurrently to each jig processing, CNC blade length and its CNC blade bending rigidity of the dangers of processing quality. Applied in the control processing of jig, should choose as far as possible by general components, and can adjust the jig, decrease the production field management cycle time. Mechanical equipment factory, distribution processing order is must follow the basic elements, include 'after the first plane hole', 'first rough then essence', etc. According to the numerical control blade centralization process, to prevent the same repeated my CNC blade application, reduce the changeover frequency and time. Sets high hole is parallel, should be in a precise positioning, fasten the hole processing after all, to coordinate other parts of the hole is to carry out the processing, so that you can remove repeated precise positioning deviation caused by the hole is parallel. Choose clear good point and change the knife, the cutting point once clear good, not suitable for conversion. Machining process, the choice of the locating datum is reasonable or not decided by the quality of the parts, can to ensure the accuracy of the parts size and position accuracy requirement, and between the various surfaces of the parts processing order arrangement has great influence, when use clamp installing workpiece, locating datum selection will affect the complexity of the fixture structure. Therefore, the choice of the locating datum is a very important process problems. When the workpiece on the surface of the two position accuracy requirement of high process, need to use two surface as a benchmark, repeated processing, to ensure the position precision. Such as to ensure the accuracy of the precision gear ring gear beating, after the tooth surface hardened, start with tooth surface grinding inner hole, again within hole positioning gear grinding surface, so as to ensure the position precision. Before such as lathe spindle taper hole and shaft supporting shaft collar has strict alignment requirements, the process is to first cylindrical journal for locating datum processing taper hole, take the locating datum of taper hole machining cylindrical, so repeatedly, eventually achieve processing requirements. A classic example of this is mutual benchmark. Process system force deformation error. One is the rigidity of workpiece. Process in the system if the rigidity workpiece relative to machine tool, cutting tool, jig is lower, the cutting force, under the action of artifacts caused by insufficient rigidity and deformation effects on machining precision is large. Second, the cutting tool rigidity. Cylindrical turning tool on the machining surface normal direction stiffness is large, its deformation can be ignored. Boring and smaller inner hole diameter, tool rod stiffness is very poor, tool rod stress deformation has a great influence on the machining accuracy is. Three is rigidity of machine tool parts. Machine tool parts is composed of many parts, machine tool parts stiffness so far there is no suitable simplified calculation method, the current is still mainly used experimental method to determine rigidity of machine tool parts. Under the condition of rigidity to allow, rough machining large cutting depth, to reduce the number of feeding, improve the productivity; Finishing generally take small cutting depth, in order to obtain high surface quality. Affect the final machining accuracy of workpiece and machining efficiency, in addition to the CNC machine's own reason, also should set reasonable processing route, cutting tool selection and correct installation, the reasonable choice of cutting quantity, programming skills and size precision of the rapid control several aspects such as comprehensive consideration. Determination of cutting parameter is an important content of nc machining process, it is the size of the machine tool main motion and feed movement of the important parameters, the workpiece machining accuracy, efficiency and tool wear has an important influence. Selection of cutting parameter including cutting speed, turning and feeding back. The choice of basic principle is: under the condition of rigidity to allow, rough machining large cutting depth, to reduce the number of feeding, improve the productivity; Finishing generally take small cutting depth, in order to obtain high surface quality.
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